artist interview - cintia martin

3:00pm Saturday, 31 Aug. by

Cintia Martin has been doing her thing for quite a while now, whipping up cute as pie imagery that could be straight out of a children's book.

etsy success: catherine campbell

3:00pm Thursday, 29 Aug.

Finding time to keep creating when you've got a fab online store to run can be a challenge, but Catherine's passed the test with flying colours.

laura gee illustrations

3:00pm Wednesday, 28 Aug.

We're tempted to put Laura Gee's illustrations on flashcards, so we can hold them up when we need a way to better express our emotions.

mid-century illustrations

9:00am Friday, 23 Aug.

As a museum of vintage commercial art, Plan 59 is chock full of the kind of kitschy campaigns Don Draper and Peggy Olson would have worked on in the '50s and '60s.

artist interview - joan linder

3:00pm Saturday, 17 Aug.

Coming home from work to a sink piled with last night's dishes is enough to make your stomach drop, but for artist Joan Linder, it's one messy muse.

artist interview - belinda suzette

3:00pm Saturday, 03 Aug.

Meet Belinda Suzette: a cross-disciplinary artist who lives in a playful, folk-inspired world teeming with colourful critters.

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