stuff mondays - endemic world print giveaway

9:00am Monday, 07 Jan. by georgia frances king

The Kiwis get a lot of things right (like giant bowls of coffee, Hobbits and hiking) so we're not surprised how quickly we fell in like with Endemic World's art prints.

upcycled oil painting tote bags

3:00pm Friday, 28 Dec. by jo walker

How's this for a good idea? Etsy seller Oupas! recycles old canvas paintings into materials for tote bags, so you can literally walk around with an artwork on your arm.

long term love giveaway

3:00pm Friday, 21 Dec. by georgia frances king

For those long term subscribers who have been extra nice to us this year, we have an extra present to give you to put under your tree.

john pusateri bird illustrations

4:00pm Thursday, 20 Dec. by georgia frances king

The plumage in John Pusateri's bird illustrations may look a little like they've been dipped into a craft box, but why shouldn't the more humble species be treated as birds of paradise?

berkley dapper animal illustrations

9:00am Sunday, 09 Dec. by georgia frances king

There are some seriously under-loved animals in the art world. Take the sea otter for an example: possibly one of the most profound, utterly adorable creatures but they're often overshadowed by things that swim with a little more grace, like those god-dammned dolphins.

sean morris gallery opening

3:00pm Wednesday, 05 Dec. by jo walker

We are very much in like with the works of Perth artist Sean Morris, so it's a bit exciting to hear his first Melbourne solo show is opening this week.

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