maz dixon manipulated retro postcards

3:00pm Sunday, 07 Apr. by sophie kalagas

Australian artist Maz Dixon thinks postcards and souvenirs set us up for disappointment.

artist interview - maria aparicio puentes' photo embroidery

3:00pm Saturday, 30 Mar. by georgia frances king

Chilean Maria Aparicio Puentes has turned the idea of embroidery all topsy-turvy, adding striking geometric stitching to black and white photography.

artist interview - judith geher's oil ladies

3:00pm Saturday, 16 Mar. by georgia frances king

As Toronto's Judith Geher understands, sometimes the secret to good art is knowing when a piece is finished.

hollie chastain's collage art

9:00am Thursday, 14 Mar. by georgia frances king

Hollie Chastain is an artist living in Chattanooga, Tennessee, who takes old book covers and turns them into beautiful collages.

throwback thursday - papergirl brisbane

9:00am Thursday, 07 Mar. by sophie kalagas

Back in issue 44 we introduced you to a creative duo who were delivering art on the streets of Brisbane. Papergirl is about to roll back into town to spread joy through the art of giving.

artist interview - evelin kasikov's CYMK stitching

9:00am Saturday, 02 Mar. by georgia frances king

Originally hailing from Estonia's creative capital, Tallinn, Evelin Kasikov is a London-residing crafty artist who uses needle and thread as her main medium. We had a chat to her about her practice, motivations and avant garde design.

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