this t-shirt says it all

3:00pm Thursday, 10 Oct.

People can be lovely, but they can also be the worst.

here, kitty

9:00am Monday, 24 Dec.

If you value pats over ice-cold beverages, you might just like this tee.

Don't mean to freak anybody out, but guys, it's only two weeks till Christmas. Luckily that also means sweet, sweet holidays, and for us, t-shirts pretty much epitomise hang time. That's why we're giving away a bunch from Monster Threads.

ocee tie-dye inspiration

3:00pm Wednesday, 20 Jun.

When worn just right, tie-dye does not have to be reserved for your uncle Jimmy who thinks that it's still 1965 - you too can enjoy the benefits of multi-colour!

this platypus is playing a keytar

3:00pm Thursday, 23 Feb.

There's nothing that we can say that will ever match the raddness of Tenso Graphics' t-shirt and print designs.

katie battersby

2:00pm Tuesday, 10 Jan.

Katie Battersby's new collection Roma pays homage to Italy on film: think Voyage To Italy, Roman Holiday, Room With A View... Lots of dresses, tees, singlets (and flushed cheeks) for summer.

lu flux

10:00am Saturday, 03 Dec.

After reading about the imminent extinction of wild tigers, Lu Flux set out to create their very own floral patchwork tiger t-shirt.

made in the now

4:00pm Thursday, 27 Oct.

Made In The Now is an awesome new Brisbane-based t-shirt label with a bit of a twist: they create a t-shirt design every single day based on a current news event.

one colour tees

10:00am Saturday, 24 Sep.

Want to be a t-shirt designer? Well it's time to get those ideas on paper (then convert it into pixel-form) and submit them to the Art Park and Analogue Digital One Colour T-Shirt comp.

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