Repairing your clothes is cool! And not that hard, either.

We asked a sewing teacher from RMIT University to help decipher those crafty paper guides.

With a bonus touch of Stevie Nicks-esque witchy magic.

Sewing your own stuff can be hard if it’s been a while since you last threaded a needle. But Melbourne label Collective Closets say it’s time to feel the fear and do it anyway.

Your houseplants have never felt this snug.

The hodge-podge nature of this DIY means that you literally can’t screw it up (and yay for that).

eggy cup pin cushion

3:00pm Thursday, 31 May.

Put a pin in it.

No more keeping your door wedged open with a dirty sock.

Crack out the sewing gear, because we’ve got a sweet new project for you: a drawstring basket-bag, big enough to keep a whole bunch of stuff in! P.S. It’s pretty cute, too.

sew what tina

9:00am Monday, 15 Jan.
All hail Tina Crawford – a lass sewing embroidery requests in under 60 seconds.
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