velvet milk

9:00am Thursday, 16 Apr.

Sometimes two people meet, fall into an all-encompassing, why-have-I-only-just-found-you kind of like, and know they're destined to spend their days taking pretty piccies together.

pita pata diva swimwear

4:00pm Wednesday, 14 Jan.

The range is basically the swimwear equivalent of a bright, bursting bunch of blooms.

cass deller's water colour design

3:00pm Wednesday, 30 Apr.

When it comes to water, artist Cass Deller has more of an affinity for the wet stuff than most.

the fashion archives

9:00am Sunday, 30 Mar.

You probably wouldn't put Brisbane alongside Paris, Milan and London on a list of the world's most fashionable cities, but as it so happens, Queensland has a rich fashion history.

contemporary australia: women

3:00pm Wednesday, 18 Apr.

Contemporary Australia: Women opens this weekend at Queensland Art Gallery with a proverbial, colourful bang.

calico babbo

9:00am Friday, 17 Feb.

It's been a while since Nick Chalmers' last exhibition, but we are pleased to announce that the Aussie artist has some more visual goodies for all of us with his upcoming solo show, Calico Babbo.

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