andrea kang illustrations

2:56pm Wednesday, 16 Jul.

Don't be fooled by their passive expressions; these furry forest critters know how to party.

artist interview - gemma topliss

3:35pm Friday, 11 Jul.

Sometimes all it takes to ease you into the weekend is some super sweet new artwork to gaze at. Like this loveliness from Gemma Topliss.

artist interview - aitch

3:00pm Saturday, 28 Jun.

When it comes to art, Romanian artist Aitch - or Heliana Adalgiza to her nearest and dearest – is a bit of a jack-of-all-trades.

joana rosa braganca illustrations

9:00am Wednesday, 11 Jun.

Portugal. We love you for your delicious custard tarts, your knack for turning sardines into salty morsels of seafood heaven, and now, for illustrator Joana Rosa Braganca.

birds with buzzcuts

9:00am Thursday, 29 May.

Have you ever seen a finch with a fringe? Or a raven with a rat's tail? Or even a gnarly mynah bird with a mohawk?

the reconstructionists

9:00am Sunday, 18 May.

Feeling the need for a little lady inspiration? Give The Reconstructionists a peek.

emi ueoka's illustrations

3:00pm Friday, 18 Apr.

Emi Ueoka uses lines to create the loveliest of illustrations, of schoolgirls quietly going about their schoolgirl ways.

artist interview - hsiao-ron cheng

3:00pm Saturday, 12 Apr.

The Taipei-based artist creates imagery that you'd probably find in your dreams on a night when you've eaten too much cheese.

wit & whistle

9:00am Friday, 04 Apr.

We dig a brand with a healthy appreciation for mum jeans.

artist interview - georgia perry

3:00pm Saturday, 29 Mar.

Sydney artist Georgia Perry likes colour. Lots and lots of colour.

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