BeeKeeper Parade (makers of snazzy backpacks) told us about how they run their socially and environmentally conscious operation.

Two brilliant inventions from one clever Frenchie.

This clever carrier can transform from hand-held clutch to backpack or shoulder bag just by switching around the detachable straps, making it a very versatile vessel indeed.

mighty morphin jackpacks

3:00pm Thursday, 24 Apr.

Short of waddling out the door in a self-made quilt cape, your best bet for staying snug all day long is to get your hands on one of these nifty Morph Jackpacks.

olend handmade backpacks

9:00am Wednesday, 29 Jan.

We've been deep in the depths of a backpack infatuation for quite a while now, and stumbling across this lookbook sure isn't helping.

Pop "De pe a pa" into Google Translate and you'll find it means "from start to finish", which just so happens to be the way that designer Veronica de Arriba works.

etsy giveaway: bagybags

3:00pm Wednesday, 07 Aug.

Sydney-based Etsy seller BagyBags cares about your shoulders. She also supports your right to tote around all the day-to-day clobber you desire, and look rather spiffy while doing it.

blah blah blah bags

9:00am Tuesday, 23 Oct.

A patchwork backpack named 'strawberry milkshake'? Umm, yes please!

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