diy pumpkin pie soap

4:00pm Wednesday, 15 Nov.

Whip up some handmade soaps that are pretty as actual pie.

Fancy a jar of scrummy-smelling handmade soaps?

diy gemstone soaps

10:00am Friday, 14 Apr.

They look like props from The Dark Crystal or Labyrinth, but these are, in fact, homemade soaps.

diy colour blocked soap

3:00pm Wednesday, 09 Nov.

These colour blocked soaps are surprisingly simple to make – and look rather artistic, don’t you think?

hand-shaped soaps

3:00pm Saturday, 08 Oct.

Need a hand in the bathroom? These tiny soaps should do the trick.

It feels odd to get excited by soap, doesn’t it? And yet here we are, experiencing medium-to-high levels of delight over these sud-making squares from Kester Black.

kester black x dawn tan

3:00pm Wednesday, 15 Oct.

Gingerbread-scented soap. It's possible we've just entered bathtime utopia.

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