shame movie preview

3:00pm Thursday, 02 Feb.

Anybody in Sydney care to attend a special preview screening of Shame?

soy chai latte candles

3:00pm Thursday, 12 Jan.

French pear, sweet pea vanilla, cranberry and mandarin, honey suckle jasmine... Are you having a sensory overload yet?

young adult giveaway

9:00am Wednesday, 11 Jan.

A new movie from the writer of Juno and the director of Up In The Air? Yes please.

freshly healed

9:00am Monday, 02 Jan.

We don't know about you, but our feet are aching from doing the Nutbush all night on New Year's Eve.

nico giveaway

2:00pm Wednesday, 28 Dec.

Nico make underwear that isn't tacky. It's also made right here in Australia under totally ethical and sustainable conditions. These guys promise good looks and good karma. Can't go wrong, right?

moonlight cinema giveaway

9:00am Wednesday, 28 Dec.

To reward all of you lovely frankie blog readers, we're going to give you a little present: 20 double passes to the Moonlight Cinema's summer season.

melancholia giveaway

8:00am Monday, 05 Dec.

What's the worst thing that could ruin your wedding? How about a giant planet catapulting towards Earth?

house of maryanne

3:00pm Tuesday, 29 Nov.

Do you like looking oh so carefree and oh so whimsical and oh so bohemian? Do you want a free vintage kimono that is all of these things?

Eckersley's are giving away rad prizepacks to the creative types that can create the best silly-season inspired works.

marc jacobs giveaway

8:00am Wednesday, 23 Nov.

The lovely folk at Marc Jacobs have been kind enough to swing us five bottles of their Oh, Lola! perfume and we'd like to pass them on to you!

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