Most people fight about book vs film adaptations, but in A Clockwork Orange's theatre show that's about to hit Australia, the question won't be so much which is better, but which makes you squirm the most.

Yokoo Gibraan is no stranger to frankie magazine's pages, so when she emailed us this picture of her new knitted beanie we thought you might like to share in on the adorable 'awww's.

tunesday: allen stone giveaway

9:00am Tuesday, 12 Mar.

We're about to make a big call: Allen Stone has one of the best voices we have heard in some time, and we are more or less flabbergasted we hadn't heard it till recently. If we could fornicate with a voice, we reckon this one would do us just fine.

To see the warmer months out before the final credits roll on Moonlight Cinema, we have three double passes for each city it's still running in to give away - that's Sydney, Melbourne and Perth.

subscribe in time for issue 53

3:00pm Tuesday, 26 Feb.

If you want issue 53 delivered to your doorstep (and may we fluff our feathers a little and say it's coming up a treat?) remember to subscribe by April 2nd.

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Apples may not save you from scurvy, but as most of us aren't pirates drinking salty water on the high seas (no offence, commandeering readers) we reckon they deserve a little more attention.

It is with great excitement and foot-jittering anticipation we announce frankie magazine will be presenting Tegan and Sara's Australia tour!

After featuring her in a fashion photo shoot nearly two years ago, we're particularly proud to be presenting Owl Eyes' album release and national tour. Just excuse us if we get a little teary - it's just hayfever, we swear.

tunesday - wild nothing interview

9:00am Tuesday, 05 Mar.

Wild Nothing's Jack Tatum is a man after our own eardrums. Here's an little chat we had with him a few months back, plus a bunch of tickets to his debut Australian tour up for grabs.

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