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alexandra kehayoglou makes magic carpets

It’s rare that you get to touch a piece of art in a gallery, much less walk all over it. In the case of artist Alexandra Kehayoglou's floor-to-ceiling carpets however, viewers are encouraged to sink their feet in and lay back however they please.

Growing up, Alexandra was immersed in her family’s carpet-making business. She even joined the family trade for a while, too, designing fuzzy lounge room-friendly rugs – before realising that art was her true calling. She didn’t stray too far from her roots though, using scrap material from her family’s factory to make large-scale, hand-tufted carpets inspired by the wild landscapes in her home country of Argentina.

As you'll see when scrolling through her works below, Alexandra recreates each pebble, blade of grass and body of water in wool to painstaking detail. If you're in the mood to be humbled by her talent, you can also sigh over more of her works over this-a-way

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