the artists behind the 2020 frankie calendar

Hip hip hooray! The 2020 frankie calendar is officially here for all your planning needs, filled with gorgeous artworks from across the globe. In case you haven't already done so, get to know some of the wonderful artists behind the calendar below – without their colourful collages, drawings and paintings, getting organised would be a total drag.

calendar 2020

SARAH WALSH Oh, to live in Sarah Walsh’s magical world. The illustrator (and one half of arty goods brand Tigersheep Friends) imagines all sorts of wonderful scenes in nature: roaming pastel tigers, sheep reincarnates of Bob Ross and couch-potato unicorns.

frankie 2020 calendar sarah walsh 2

MIRANDA SOFRONIOU We’d like to plaster Miranda Sofroniou’s artwork across our windows. At least then, we could pretend we’re somewhere lush and sunny and not stuck under drab grey skies. The British illustrator, now based in Melbourne, has some serious watercolour skills that have us dreaming of nature-filled getaways on the daily.

frankie 2020 calendar miranda sofroniou 2

RAFAELA MASCARO If we weren’t wheezing from seasonal allergies all the time, we’d probably be frolicking in fields of flowers just like Rafaela Mascaro's whimsical characters. The illustrator and head honcho of pattern studio Grand-Père whips up botanical patterns so lovely, we can smell them through the screen.

frankie 2020 calendar studio grand pere

JEANNIE PHAN With her knack for summing up complex stories in bright, clean-lined illustrations, it’s no wonder Toronto-based Jeannie Phan’s work has appeared across multiple magazine features and book covers. As you may have suspected from her leafy illustrations, she’s also an avid gardener in her downtime.

frankie 2020 calendar jeannie phan

AGUSTINA BASILE This year’s ace calendar cover artist is none other than Agustina Basile, whose graphic shapes immediately grab you and draw you in. The Argentinian talent draws figures that exude confidence; her images are a visual pep talk if you will.

frankie 2020 calendar agustina basile

CÉCILE METZGER Is there anything sweeter than Cécile Metzger’s naïve drawings? The French illustrator now calls Florence, Italy home and uses a mix of coloured pencils and watercolours to create her delicate scenes.

coucou illustration

TARA LILLY Tara Lilly grew up in rural Northern California surrounded by open meadows and chirping birds, and that’s exactly what she loves drawing most. Her sunny floral patterns also draw on folk art and antique textiles. (That may explain why we want to splash her prints all over our wardrobe.)

frankie 2020 calenar tara lilley

GEMMA FLACK Gemma Flack’s bad-arse illustrations not only look good on your wall – they look pretty rad inked on skin, too. The local artist and tattooer’s work is filled with characters who couldn’t give a toss what you thought of them. A true inspiration to us all.

frankie 2020 calendar gemma flack 2

CONSTANZA GOEPPINGER Is it possible to have clothing envy over an illustration? Because that’s what we feel every time we see one of Constanza Goeppinger’s drawings of lovely ladies in even lovelier threads.

constanza frankie 2020 calendar

DEMII WHIFFIN We’ve fangirled over Demii Whiffin’s work here before, but the English artist's stuff is so good, it’s worth fawning over again and again. Demii's collages are a blend or our innermost thoughts and eye-pleasing vintage photos, and always manage to be super-relatable. 

demii whiffin frankie 2020 calendar

LIM HENG SWEE Malaysian artist Lim Heng Swee aka ilovedoodle has a pretty simple goal: to draw stuff that makes you smile. One look at his stuff and you’ll agree: mission accomplished. 

frankie 2020 calendar lim heng swee

ELLEN PORTEUS This Melbourne lady’s retro-cool graphics may make your want to slip on your rollerskates, disco gear and hit the rink.  Ellen’s not only a talented illustrator, she also creates some ace animations and wicked lettering.

frankie 2020 calendar ellen porteus

calendar 2020 2

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