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It’s time for another episode of Long Story Short, the bite-sized podcast where we chat to a bunch of inspiring creatives – much like this week’s interviewee Daniel de Groot from Tuckbox.

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Imagine a sleek diving board made from paper-thin white marble and steel, only it’s couch height and built for the sole purpose of holding your bowl of popcorn or glass of wine. That’s the project Daniel de Groot entered into the Good Stuff awards in 2018, along with his brother and wife, Anthony and Prue, who make up the furniture design studio Tuckbox.

The trio has a passion for bringing simple, thoughtful design into the world, but they’re not afraid to mess around with the idea of what furniture could be. In this chat with frankie editor Sophie Kalagas, Daniel tells us how he stumbled into industrial design and why science podcasts inspire his work.

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