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Incoming! There’s a fresh new episode of Long Story Short for you down below, and it’s an insightful chinwag with Joel Hanna, one of the head honchos of social enterprise Big Little Brush.

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Here’s a crazy fact: every plastic toothbrush ever made still exists today. Toss one away and it’ll hang around for up to 600 years before fully breaking down – a depressing detail that Joel Hanna couldn’t just brush aside. A finalist in the 2017 Good Stuff Awards, Joel is a co-founder of Big Little Brush – a social enterprise selling sustainable bamboo toothbrushes that take only a year to decompose.

On top of the eco-friendly factor, 100 per cent of Big Little Brush’s profits go towards funding primary health programs in Indigenous communities around Australia. In the latest episode of Long Story Short, we sat down with Joel to hear about how a dental debacle led to a change-making idea.

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