doggos on display

It’s no fun being stuck with a cone of shame. Just ask any doggo struggling to clear narrow spaces or bury a bone with that oversized bit of plastic around its neck.

Rather than point her camera at sad pooches, New York-based photographer Winnie Au and costume designer Marie-Yan Morvan have instead created a bunch of majestic (and thoroughly unmedical) cones and plonked them on some neighbourhood doggos to wear as a point of pride. After all, it’s hard to feel sorry for yourself if you’re rocking a plumage of fabulous feathers.  

Originally shot to raise funds for rescue dogs in need of urgent medical attention, all proceeds from Winnie’s Cone of Shame Notecard set will be donated to the New York shelter Animal Haven.

cone of shame winnie au frankie2

cone of shame winnie au frankie1

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