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stuff mondays – homelea lass crochet kits

Need something to keep your hands busy (and warm) this winter? We reckon these crochet kits from Homelea Lass will kill two birds with one stone. Homelea Lass is run by Lynda, who puts together a number of crafty packs such as the chunky crochet starter kit. Inside, you'll find 300 grams of Merino wool, a crochet hook and access to 14 different online patterns and video tutorials. (There’s patterns for scarves, beanies, teapot cosies, stool covers and cushion covers, depending on what you fancy making). If you’d like to get your mitts on a kit, send us your deets over this-a-way, and let us know if you’d prefer the cumin or oatmeal-coloured yarn.

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