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Oh how we envy the lives of morning people. Try as we might, running a half-marathon and reading the paper before the crack of dawn just isn’t our forté. If you, too, are the kind of person who excels at catching every last zzz before bundling out of the house in 15 minutes, you might appreciate a box of The Daily Bar. The Byron-based business makes a variety of fruit and nut-filled, organic snack bars you can keep stashed in your bag or at your desk for when you need a quick burst of fuel. Keen to try? We have a number of boxes with seven flavours including espresso fudge (coffee, cacao and chia), antioxidant (macadamias, mixed berry and acai), and yogi chai (chai spices, almond butter and walnuts). Check out the full flavour collection here, then try your luck over this-a-way.

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