stuff mondays – immersive cinema presents dirty dancing

Turn out the lights and cue the music – the clever folks from Immersive Cinema have set up a real life Kellerman’s Mountain Resort and everyone’s invited.  The Dirty Dancing event works like this: guests pull up in their ‘60s holiday best, dine at the Main Hotel, get sweaty with some summer sports or take an arts class or two, before sitting down to watch the iconic film. All the while, over 60 actors and dancers will be roaming about to set the scene, meaning a run-in with ‘Baby’ at dance class could be on the cards. Or if you’re extra lucky, you'll get invited to a private party with the Kellerman staff. Life is rarely like a movie, except on this occassion. To nab a double pass to the Melbourne and Sydney events, cross your fingers real tight and fling us your details over here.

Immersive Cinema presents Dirty Dancing
Sydney March 15-17
Melbourne March 22-24


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