frankie christmas wishlist – caitlin wynne

Our senior designer Caitlin Wynne spends her days making the pages of frankie look their absolute prettiest. And when she's not artfully arranging the mag, you'll find her down by the coast catching a wave or two. Needless to say, Caitlin is one of the most stylish surfers we know. If you're shopping for a beachy-keen pal, make sure to check out Caitlin's wishlist below – rest assured, you're in good hands.

caitlin xmas body

[clockwise from top left]

1. I love hats but never feel like I can wear them outside the beach. Until now. These Brim caps are made with vintage fabric and would be totally acceptable in the inner city.

2. I’ve been looking for some simple, comfortable swimwear and this two piece from Matteau Swim definitely fits the bill.

3. Artists like Peta Armstrong make ceramic art look so easy. Having recently finished a pottery course, I can tell you the reality is quite the opposite. Since I won't be making any of my own ceramics soon, I'd love if someone would acquire me these sculptures.

4. It's hard to justify dropping heaps of cash on sunnies – especially if you're anything like me and end up treating them poorly. These Radical Yes sunnies however, are both super-cute and reasonably priced.

5. It appears that I've become that person who owns a million throws but can't stop hoarding them. If I was the lucky recipient of this beautiful throw, I'd proudly hang it on the wall.

6. I’ve been eyeing this ridiculously awesome velvet dog bed for ages now. I reckon my mini dachshund Billie would bloody love it.

7. Yasmin Hackett makes ridiculously gorgeous earrings right here in Australia. Just look at these beauties!

8. These Kuwaii sandals are pretty much a staple for the Aussie summer. They're the trifecta of footwear – practical, comfortable and will go with just about any outfit.

9. What can I say, I'll always have a soft spot for beautiful women's longboards. Plus, how good are these colours?

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