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frankie christmas wishlist – sophie kalagas

Sophie is our editor and resident Christmas fiend. (Do you need your house decorated? Because Sophie will probably do it out of Christmas cheer alone.) She also has a wonderous ability to consistently find ace trinkets, as clearly demonstrated by the below list. Take a look for yourself, and be be prepared to want it all.

soph xmas

[clockwise from top left]

1. Douglas and Bec have successfully created a lamp that looks like a lollipop crossed with fairy floss, and for that I am truly grateful.

2. The truth is, an item of clothing from Heinui is on my wish list every Christmas, birthday, Easter, name day, Sunday, Tuesday, laundry day. I cannot get enough of their sweet shapes and striking patterns, and the Dino dress from their latest collection is no exception.

3. A lil bit vintage-inspired, a lil bit weird, and cute as all get out. I would not object to popping this risograph print from Yellow Owl Workshop on my wall, that’s for sure.

4. Some people wear their heart on their sleeve. I’d prefer to wear my compassion on my noodle, with a little help from Bulletin.

5. It’s that time of year when I realise all my warm-weather shoes are sitting in my wardrobe in tatters. These slides from Nelson Made are a good-looking replacement that will last for many summers to come. 

6. I’ve been eyeing off Takeawei’s rainbow plates ever since they burst out of designer Chela’s kiln in all their pastel glory. The textures! The tones! The glazes! Oh my! These platters are way too nice to eat a cruddy weeknight dinner from, but they’re perfect for an artfully arranged cheese plate.

7. I know, I know, another lamp. But light is very important for achieving things in our day-to-day lives. (Otherwise we’d spend a bunch of time stubbing our toes and bumping into things.) This one comes from Retro Print Revival, and has a Mid-century vibe that I dig.

8. On a recent trip to LA, I was lucky enough to visit the headquarters of Big Bud Press – probably one of the most colourful, cheery labels around. I highly regret not grabbing this Lazy Daisy backpack while I was there (so keep that in mind if you’d like to earn some major brownie points).

9. Controversial opinion: socks and sandals are the bomb. Especially when the socks are as goddamn cute as these ones from Spanish brand Bobo Choses. If someone were kind enough to pop them under my Christmas tree, I’d proudly rock them with some leather slip-ons.

10. It’s an indisputable fact that you can never have too many spongy places to rest your butt. This Nightfall cushion from Togetherness Design features a hand-painted print on velvet, which is quite luxurious, as far as butt-rests go.

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