the artists behind the 2019 frankie calendar

Have you picked up a copy of our 2019 calendar yet? We’re super-proud of how it looks, and even more stoked at the line-up of wonderful contributing artists. If you don’t already know this talented bunch, get acquainted with them below. (Oh, and jump to the bottom of the post to have another peek inside the calendar and find out where to purchase.) 

calendar 1 body

New York-based Boyoun Kim illustrates our quintessential happy places. Blissful domestic scenes and lush gardens are realised in poppy colours that beam positivity. If you could get vitamin D from looking at art, Boyoun's work would most definitely provide. 

boyoun kim body

The multi-talented Lucy Roleff is not only an illustrator and painter, but a writer of delicate folk songs, too. Whether her illustrated figures are merely eating breakfast or hanging out the washing, Lucy has a way of making everyday moments look special.

lucy roleff body

Whenever we look at Tara’s work, we just want to let out a big ‘hell yeah!’ The Dublin-based talent focuses on including a diverse range of people and bodies in her art, and we're certainly on board with that.
tara o brien

A technicolour fantasy if we’ve ever seen one. Monika combines cut-outs and gouache to create wonderfully innocent patterns fit for plastering all over your walls.

monika forsberg

Holly is the Santiago-based artist behind the Crazy Cat Lady painting on the 2019 calendar cover. The rest of her work – often featuring sassy ladies against pastel pink backgrounds – is just as irresistible.

holly jolley body

There’s a certain calm and tranquility to this Chicago-based artist’s work – a quality which leads us to imagine Kate working on quiet nights, with snow falling softly across her window.

kate pugsley body

Cover artist alumni and all-round lovely lady Abbey Lossing is rather good at translating the inner-city millennial lifestyle onto paper. Her figures are more often than not wearing an enviable set of clothes, caught on their phones, at work, or watering their indoor plants.

abbey lossing body

Many of you will be familiar with this local lady’s name, if not her eye-catching work, which can be seen on walls around her hometown of Melbourne. Ruled by simple lines and primary colours, Carla’s work never fails to put a smile on our face.

carla mcrae

If you love dorky animals and pastel colours, you’ll fall head over heels for Min Pin, a.k.a. Penny Min Ferguson. From her studio in the Dandenong Ranges, Penny applies her illustrations to ceramics, textiles and jewellery.

min pin body

The characters in Mai Ly’s illustrations don’t hide their feelings – they could be mad at their partner, hiding from the world, or disagreeing with a friend. But it’s for this very reason that we’re drawn to her work.

mai ly degnan

Melbourne-based Caitlin Shearer has recently begun placing her whimsical paint strokes onto clothing, so if you ever feel like being a walking piece of art (not that you aren’t already), you know where to head. Outside of clothing, Caitlin is still putting paint to paper, creating gorgeously feminine scenes like the below. 

caitlin shearer body

This Dutch artist loves illustrating people, food, plants and fashion (the good things in life, really). Always vibrant and patterned to perfection, Jane’s work is just the right sort for brightening up a bare wall.

bodil jane

calendar open 2019 4 SMALL

Grab a copy of the 2019 frankie calendar online, or find a stockist near you. These babies sell like hot cakes, so we suggest you hop to it. 

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