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Sometimes we get the opportunity to ask our creative heroes the big questions: what do they have for breakfast? What’s their favourite dance move? How do they beat self-doubt? And most importantly: how do we get their job?

In our new podcast series, Great Job!, we teamed up with MYOB to pick the brains of four admirable ladies killing it in their respective fields. If you’re in need of some inspiration, business realness and sisterly advice from women who’ve ‘been there’, but are still working on it, you might just like to plug it into your earholes.

Over the next three weeks, you’ll hear from social entrepreneur and Tsuno founder Roz Campbell about becoming a period campaigner; commissioning editor of documentaries at SBS, Susie Jones, on the importance of “crappy” jobs; and professional dancer Sheena Chundee on scary career 180s.

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In our very first episode, which you can find below (and wherever you usually get your podcasts), Jo Walker talks to Penny Modra, owner and operator of The Good Copy – a writing school, publisher and one-stop shop for folks who like to read and write.

Hit play if you want to know about stuff like how to make money as a writer (it happens!); starting your own mag or business (eek!); getting up super early in the morning; being nervous but doing it anyway; and some great grammar tips, too.

At just 30 minutes long, it’s an easy and enlightening listen for your commute to work or uni – or even just to kill some time while your soup bubbles on the stove. Enjoy!

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