dead format II exhibition

What do you get when you gather 24 Australian artists across two major cities and ask them to try their hand at one creative practice? A damn good time and happy eyes, that’s what.

Dead Format II is a risograph exhibition (don’t be frightened by the name – it’s inspired by the fact the printing technique’s supposedly obsolete) organised by frankie friend Ashley Ronning, aka the lass behind print powerhouse Helio Press. Taking place tonight at Melbourne’s Old Bar from 8pm, and on Saturday from 2 till 6, it features artwork by folks like Carla McRae, Gemma Flack and Sophie Beer, all lovingly printed by Ashley in her ink-splashed studio.

As a little extra sweetener, the exhibition will be accompanied by tunes from ace local bands – beers, bands and bad-arse art is a pretty rad combination, if you ask us. Should you like to pop by for a gander and a bevvie, check out the details over here.

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