theatre of the global majority

As we see time and time again (ahem, #OscarsSoWhite), the arts is a space that can often overlook culturally and linguistically diverse groups of people, despite the fact they make up the bulk of the world's population. Instead of representing modern Australia, areas like music, film, theatre and craft often end up looking like a packet of Savoys.

So, Adelaide organisation ActNow Theatre has developed a series of free workshops to counteract this issue and support local artists of colour – and you don’t even have to have any on-stage experience. Running every second Thursday night on a drop-in basis, Yasmin Gurreeboo, ActNow’s associate director, reckons the Theatre of the Global Majority is way overdue: “I want to see people who look like me on stage, on screen, writing books and creating art.”

The only rules? You’re aged 18 or above, and come from a non-white cultural background. From beginner to theatre pro, anyone’s invited. To find out more about the ace project, pop over to the ActNow Theatre website.

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