love cats

Cats and rock stars have a lot in common. They’re cute from a distance. They can really shred. And most of them are the spawn of Beelzebub.

Seattle artist Casey Weldon pays tribute to these lovable yet highly malevolent forces in his Love Cats project: a series of 1950s-style Valentine kitties toting slightly worrisome lyrics from iconic rock songs.

Painted with acrylic on wood, Casey’s furry friends rock lines from Radiohead, Iggy Pop, Sonic Youth, Pixies, Metallica and more. Want a jaunty, Rage Against the Machine-loving kitty whose message is, “Fuck You, I Won’t Do What U Tell Me”? Or a feline Violent Femmes fan asking, “Why Can’t I Get Just 1 Kiss?” You can see the whole series so far over here or nab them in card or sticker form, should you covet some rock ‘n’ roll kitty action for yourself.

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