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we’re looking for sweet places to feature in spaces

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Attention creative types! We’re on the lookout for folks with awesome homes, studios, co-working spaces, bedrooms and backyards to feature in our super-swell interior design book series SPACES. You don’t need to have a totally spiffy mansion or anything – we’re keen on all types of abodes and dwellings. We’re even keen to see a space within a space… so if you’ve got a kick-arse bedroom, we want to know about it! Oh, and do let us know if you’ve got multiple generations living under one roof, a fun outdoor space, or a sharehouse full of cool cats. (Not literal cats… although a literal house of cool cats would be unbelievable. Please contact us immediately if this is the case!) Simply shoot an email through to editorial@frankie.com.au with a little rundown of you and your space, along with a few snaps to show us around. Look forward to seeing your digs!

Snaps by Hilary Walker (top) and Sun Kuhn Oh (below). 

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