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sugar republic is a pop-up museum dedicated to desserts

Feel like climbing through a candy rainbow or diving headlong into a giant pink bubblegum ball pit? Well, what do you know – you can now do just that, thanks to a bunch of clever types who’ve set up a pop-up museum dedicated to childhood treats. It’s called Sugar Republic and, rather appropriately, it’s located at the old MacRobertson’s confectionary factory (the birthplace of Freddo and Cherry Ripe) at 377 Smith St, Fitzroy in Melbourne. With 12 sensory spaces, a mini cinema, neon candy art, and oh-so much more to explore, you’re pretty certain to have a good time… or at least get a sugar high. Scoot over this way to nab a ticket, and be sure to check out Sugar Republic before it closes it on Friday August 17th.

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