chili philly shows us how to crochet a granny square

Ever had a go at making a granny square? It’s not too hard. Especially when you have the likes of crochet legend Chili Philly showing you how. Hit play on the video below to watch the lovely Phil’s instructions, and if you reckon you’d like to get even craftier, pick up a copy of issue 83 (it’s got a DIY for crochet ear muffs by Pip Lincolne!).

(A little heads up: crocheters around the world use different terminology. The ‘double crochet’ Phil refers to is also known as 'treble crochet’ in some places, but rest assured, it’s the same stitch! If in doubt, here’s a handy guide to the key crochet stitches – including the different things they’re called around the globe.)

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