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tunesday – talking great gigs with... cash savage

In frankie issue 82 (on sale now), we had a natter with Cash Savage about how to rock the stage.

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Snap by Lisa Sorgini

Tell us about the first time you performed. I’ve always been a performer – I used to hold concerts for my family when I was a kid. My first real band performance was on the back of a truck at a Battle of the Bands in Kensington, Melbourne. We came second. My mother said I didn’t sing loud enough.

How does your personality change when you’re on stage? I don’t think it does. I know I look pretty serious, but I’m just concentrating. My bandmates say when I look at them on stage, they’re not sure whether it’s because they’re nailing it or making a mess.

What’s your trick to winning over a crowd? I think most people are looking for connection. I like to look the crowd in the eyes. A performance is a give and take – we’re all in it together and can influence the experience for ourselves and for each other.

Have you ever stuffed anything up on stage? I’m not worried about musical mistakes. We don’t rehearse for shows. Because of this, the band are adept at moving together if someone does something different. Sometimes I worry about falling over. I’m not particularly dexterous and like to move around. I’m surprised it hasn’t happened yet.

Favourite post-gig snack? Finding decent food late at night is often hard. In Europe, the venue brings out a deli platter after the performance, which is just the best.

What advice would you give someone performing for the first time? Enjoy yourself. At the end of the gig you will most likely look back and wish you’d been more in the moment. Sometimes I find myself counting down how many songs are left because I really don’t want the show to end.

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