cake tin hat diy

Photos Bri Hammond

Created in collaboration with National Craft Month at Spotlight

Reckon you can’t sew? Guess again. Armed with these super-simple instructions from the jumpsuit-obsessed ladies at UNC., a bit of fabric and a humble cake tin, you’ll be able to whip up your very own homemade hat – just the thing to finish off a swanky outfit, or slink around the lounge room, looking and feeling like a mega-ace crafter. Hurrah for simple DIYs!


0.25m of your desired fabric (preferably a somewhat stiff fabric that’ll hold its shape – tough cotton drills, canvas and furnishing fabrics work really well!)
20cm wide cake tin
a ruler
a sewing machine (or you can hand-stitch it with a needle and thread)


1. Trace around the base of your cake tin onto your desired fabric. Carefully cut out your circle.

2. Now measure a 60cm x 22cm rectangle onto your fabric and carefully cut that out.

3. Sew the short ends (22cm) of your rectangle together. Press the seam flat, then fold your rectangle in half lengthways. Make sure that the wrong sides (aka the sides you don’t want showing) of the fabric are together.

4. Pin, tack (i.e. make a quick temporary stitch), then sew the open edge of your folded rectangle to your circle, leaving a 0.5cm seam.

5. Here’s where your creativity comes in. You can choose to have the seam hidden, on the inside, or exposed – it all depends on what you like! If you have the seam on the outside, fray the edges to create a cool look. Keep in mind that some fabrics fray better than others.

6. Wear with pride!

This super-easy (and rather charming) sewing project was brought to you by National Craft Month at Spotlight – celebrating creative families and getting together with loved ones for crafty good times.

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