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frankie exclusive diy: valentine’s day paper fortune cookies

by Essie Ruth

Whether you’re a long-time lover or a secret admirer, Valentine’s Day is for sweet nothings and love notes. If you’ve got a case of besottedness, it’s time to embrace the mushy, and show your sweetheart how you feel.

These little paper fortune cookies are the perfect bearers of your soppiest messages – and they’re a cinch to make.


large circle punch (you can also trace and cut circles by hand)
glue gun
white paper
coloured card


1. Punch a circle from your coloured card.

2. Cut a thin strip of white paper and write your message on it.

3. Take your circle, fold it in half, and pinch a crease at the centre of the fold. Do not crease the whole edge.

4. Open the circle out, rotate it 45 degrees, and place your message vertically near the middle of the circle.

5. Fold the paper in half without pinching the crease.

6. Hold the outer edge of your circle in one hand, then with your other hand fold like this.

7. Place a dot of hot glue in the centre of the cookie to secure the fold.

Don’t be shy. Be adorable. Do some wooing.

For more crafty goodness by Essie, check out her website

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