frankie stocking stuffers – jo walker

by jo walker

Scratching your head for pressie ideas? Scratch no more – our editor-in-chief has rustled up a wishlist to inspire your gift-giving (and Bowie-loving) tendencies.

jo xmas 1

Clockwise from top-left:

1. Bike shorts are, apparently, back. Local maker Erinn Louise has decorated these ones with crabs. I am down with that.

2. Thinking about David Bowie still makes me happy-sad. I’ve been eyeing off this mirror from Bride & Wolfe for a while now – maybe an elf or two will make it happen this year?

3. Oh Sandra Eterovic, how do I love thee? Enough to hint dramatically to my nearest and dearest that I would quite like this print for Christmas, please.

4. It’s always nice to give a Chrissie gift that benefits charity, too. This ace tee from the Australian Literacy & Numeracy Foundation is sassy-looking and helps kids learn to read.

5. Does Christmas normally have you reaching for the grog? Me too. In marmalade form here from The Jam Bandits.

6. Nothing quite says ‘jolly yuletide fun times’ quite like portraits of Australian punk girls by Liz Ham.

7. Loved ones: I do not know if this cleanser literally contains donkey milk. But you should buy it for me anyway – I have recently become obsessed with this brand, and all of their skincare smells ace.

8. I quite like the idea of slipping on this panther-embellished satin jacket from Sretsis and languishing in a sultry fashion around the place. Friends: if you want to support me in this important cause, get it gift-wrapped and under the tree.

9. I feel like all I’m going to do in 2018 is watch Buffy re-runs and curse male politicians and entertainment celebrities. This strange three-eyed cat candle will set up my witchy vibe nicely.

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