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It doesn’t seem fair the way some folks manage to grow bundles of buds, veggies and herbs, while the rest of us seem unable to keep a weed alive. What gives? Unfortunately, we can’t teach you how to make your garden grow (truth: we frequently suck at it ourselves), but we can offer you some grow kits from local horticulture enthusiasts Urban Greens. Each of their kits come with everything you need to get stuff sprouting out of the ground, including the soil, the seeds, the pots, the plant labels, and a handy booklet of instructions and recipes, so you can put your produce to excellent (and delicious) use.

Among their range, you’ll find the Mixologist’s Grow Kit (for those of you who pride yourselves on making the freshest and scrummiest cocktails), the Summer Salad Grow Kit (for all you healthy nosh lovers out there) and the Culinary Flowers Grow Kit (for anyone who enjoys sprinkling their dishes with pretty flora). We’ve got two of each of the aforementioned kits up for grabs – just shoot through your info and tell us which one you fancy to go in the running to win. Hurrah!

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