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Here’s a heartbreaking thought: the average Aussie uses 345 plastic bags a year – and no natural process can break down plastic. Plus, fishies and other sea creatures accidentally gobble down plastic stuff, causing them to die. Yep, it sucks. But the great news is that you can put an end to the problem right now and stop using plastic bags. The clever folk at Simple Dimple make it ridiculously easy to do so with their cute little pouches. Each pouch contains six durable produce bags crafted from recycled drink bottles – so all you need to do is pop the pouch in your handbag before you head out to the shops, then whip out a bag whenever you need it.

Simple Dimple’s pouches are handmade from reclaimed leather or a vegan leather alternative called Piñatex, and come in a range of charming colours. Fancy one? Then jump across to the Simple Dimple online store, or let us know if any of the colours pictured here make you smile – we’ve got a bunch of ’em to give away. Shoot through your details to win.

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