moanne furniture

The couch is the centre of some folks’ universe. Some of us sleep there. Some of us make moves on our object of affection there. And many of us spend a lot of time munching on a conveyor belt of treats there. Yes, it’s a veritable wonderland. And you’d be hard pressed (we reckon) to find a couch quite as wonderful as those from Moanne. The furniture studio, based in Spain, handcraft each and every piece in their collection, and take inspiration from the Mediterranean, Scandinavia and tropical culture.

As you’ll see if you pop over to their online store, they don’t just make couches, though. Oh, no. You’ll find plenty of mirrors, bookcases, tables and chairs in their range, too. (But be warned – prices are available upon request. So a piece from Moanne might be the kind you have to save up for all year.)

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