a pink pineapple-shaped pavilion

There’s plenty you can do with origami, other than make cute little cranes. Why, you can even use it as the basis for a full-blown building, like Heather Peak and Ivan Morison from Studio Morison recently did. The artistic duo whipped up this pink, pineapple-shaped structure for the gardens of Berrington Hall (a country house located about five kilometres north of Leominster, Herefordshire in England). Their inspiration? Yep, some artfully folded paper. They chose the pink colour to match the Georgian hues found inside Berrington Hall (very classy), and they hope you’ll use the space to pop your feet up or have a wee picnic. It’s open to the public right now as part of the Look! Look! Look! exhibition, and will remain open until December 2019. Lovely.

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