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frankie exclusive diy: fruity pencil toppers

by Essie Ruth

Exam time is upon us, nerdy peeps, and when spring is blooming outside, it’s certainly a bit of a downer to be stuck inside hitting the books. Needs must, however, and while there’s nothing that’ll get you over the line but doing the work, there’s no reason not to make your study tools as cute and bright as possible. Enter these fruity pencil toppers!

essieruth forfrankie fruitypenciltopper 03


felt in golden yellow, bright red, lemon, brown and mixed greens
coordinating embroidery floss
sewing needle

essieruth forfrankie fruitypenciltopper supplies


To make the pineapple:

1. Cut your felt down as shown. Use the end of your pencil as a guide to size.

essieruth forfrankie fruitypenciltopper pineapplepieces

2. Using green embroidery floss, sew a series of small V shapes onto your yellow pieces to make them look all pinappley.

3. With a small running stitch, sew the two sides of your pineapple together back to back.

essieruth forfrankie fruitypenciltopper sewaround

Make sure you a) leave enough room to insert your pencil at the bottom, and b) put your pineapple spikes on top, and catch them in your stitches to hold them in place as you go around.

To make the lemon:

1. Cut your felt as shown. 

essieruth forfrankie fruitypenciltopper lemonpieces

2. Sew some little veins on the leaves, and with the final couple of stitches attach those leaves to one of the lemon pieces.

3. Stitch around the lemon leaving room for the pencil as you did with the pineapple.

To make the apple:

1. Cut your felt just like in the picture. 

essieruth forfrankie fruitypenciltopper applepieces

2. Sew a vein into the leaf.

3. Sew around the apple, leaving space for the pencil, and catching the stem and leaf in the top as you go.

Now pop these cuties on the tops of your pencils, and get back to work!

essieruth forfrankie fruitypenciltopper 05

For more crafty goodness by Essie, check out her website.

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