pépite pop-up shop opening party

Here’s some awesome news for those of you who love cutie-patootie objects and artwork: there’s a brand new shop opening in Melbourne dedicated to such things! It’s called pépite (which is French for “good find”) and it’s run by the very lovely Irina Rybakov (a frankie friend, who, like her store name, is French – but now calls Australia home). The pépite range includes a lovingly hand-picked mix of ceramics, jewellery, art, accessories and clothing, all made by local folks – Indigo O’Rourke, Shuh Lee and Togetherness Design among them. Fancy checking it out? Well then, you might want to get your dancing shoes on (or regular shoes – your choice) and join in the merriment at the pépite opening party this Saturday arvo (from 4pm till 6pm) at 20 High Street, Northcote in Melbourne. Check out the Facebook event page to stay in the know, and check out the pépite Instagram to preview some of the goodies that’ll be for sale.

Pictured: ceramics by Anne-Marie Peters and artwork by Indigo O’Rourke.

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