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Well, well, well – what do we have here? Another magazine fresh off the press, and ready for your perusing pleasure. Inside issue 80 you’ll find creative parents sharing their experiences of balancing inspiration and sleepless nights, and a chat with a French photographer who spent time in one of the last matriarchal societies in the world. There’s an ode to birthdays, good and bad, and a bunch of local jewellery designers talking us through their latest snazzy collections. Not to mention, a little history on where Post-it notes actually came from (sorry, Romy and Michele); a lineup of famous gothic icons; a lass who sports homemade onesies full-time; and a movie cheat sheet that will help you feign knowledge of those classic flicks everyone has apparently seen – except you. Add to that some swish spring fashion; a guide to very odd competitions around the globe (extreme ironing, anyone?); and all the usual music, craft, design, photography, real-life reads and giggle-worthy rants, and you’ve got your picnic reading sorted this sunny season. Oh, and we also have a whole library worth of books to give away. Yes, really.





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