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There are some solid gold reasons to subscribe to frankie magazine. Reason one: it’s a lovely read, chock full of ripper tales, pretty pictures to stick on your wall, scrummy recipes and crafty fun. Reason two: if you subscribe, you’ll only have to travel as far as your letterbox to grab it. Reason three: subscribers get their copies early – yay! And reason four: you can go in the running to win a swanky set of wheels from Tokyobike.

Yep, that’s right: if you subscribe right at this very moment (or before midnight on Monday October 9th), then you could win one of these two bikes, designed to ride around Tokyo, the mountains, or indeed, your local park for a flower-gazing session (possibly interspersed with a bit of beer-guzzling – really, what you do at the park is your own business). Subscribe or re-subscribe just over here – and best of luck!

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