a little vintage dolls

If you can’t have Beyoncé as a friend in your life on a semi-regular basis (or, indeed, at all), then go out and do the next best thing: hit up A Little Vintage Dolls for a custom-made Queen Bey plushie and squeeze it to heart’s content. The one-woman doll-making operation cranks out loads of celebrity plushies – from David Bowie to Freddie Mercury to Frida Khalo – and they’re all hand-painted, often on repurposed fabrics. Should you wish, Jennie (the Queensland-based lass behind A Little Vintage) will make dolls to order from fabric that has some sentimental value to you (like baby clothes or your grandparents’ old threads), which is pretty darn sweet of her. Oh, and you might want to check out her blog, too; she’s been making some rather intriguing dolls for The Museum of Australian Democracy – including a Bob Brown!

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