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OK, we know – it’s not summer. Yet. But it will be. Oh-so soon. And when it arrives, we plan to embrace it with open arms and a big ol’ smooch (even though technically you can’t smooch weather, but you get the idea). Till then, we’re going to be gathering all the bits and bobs necessary for frolicking in the sun: swishy clothes, plenty of sunscreen, and, of course, shades.

If you, too, are seeking sun protection for your peepers, you might like to check out the eyewear collection from the super-positive types at Radical Yes. Their sunnies come in a variety of fun colours, and look pretty darn swanky, to boot – especially these ones pictured here, aka the Joy range, inspired by ’40s vintage eyewear and ’70s Annie Hall vibes. Reckon they’d suit your mug to a tee? Then scoot over to the Radical Yes online store to purchase a pair – or shoot through your info and let us know if you prefer the Joy sunglasses with milky, pink or black frames. We’ve got all of the aforementioned colours to give away. Wahoo!

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