long list: llama love

We couldn’t help but notice llamas popping up on all manner of things, lately – from socks to pillows to planters. So we thought it only fitting to go and scour the internet for all the loveliest llama-emblazoned bits and bobs, for your gazing pleasure.

llama 620x415

[clockwise from top left]

1. Frazzle Florrie Llama cosmetic bag, around $20.

2. India Spence Art Wonder Woman Llama bag, around $32 (only ships within United States).

3. ASOS Fluffy Llama Ankle socks, $7.

4. A Thing Created Llama Love pillow, around $41.

5. Caffeine Craze Watercolour Llama Coffee cup, around $23.

6. West Elm Ceramic Llama planter, $249.

7. Fox You Are So Crafty Hola Llama cross-stich set, $27.50.

8. Mohu Store Pink Llama pin, around $6.

9. Urban Outfitters Furry Llama cushion, around $57.

10. Square Paisely Design Llama Embroidered Baseball cap, $23.

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