o’keeffe, preston, cossington smith: making modernism exhibition

If you’re an art nerd, you may already be familiar with the name Georgia O’Keeffe. Here’s the lowdown for the rest of us: Georgia was a legendary painter of flowers and skyscrapers. Indeed, so kick-arse were Georgia’s works that she earned the name “the Mother of American Modernism”.

If you’d like to treat your eyeballs to the lady’s iconic artworks, then you may like to pop past the Art Gallery of New South Wales. Their new exhibition, O'Keeffe, Preston, Cossington Smith: Making Modernism, features a stack of paintings from Georgia (for the first-ever time on our shores), along with her Aussie contemporaries Margaret Preston and Grace Cossington Smith. It kicks off tomorrow and runs till Monday October 2nd.

Head on over this-a-way to find out more, and to nab yourself a ticket or two. 

making modernism 02

Ram’s Head, Blue Morning Glory by Georgia O’Keeffe

making modernism 01

Landscape at Pentecost by Grace Cossington Smith

making modernism 03

The Monstera deliciosa by Margaret Preston

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