my knitted boyfriend: the film

my knitted boyfriend 1

Noortje de Keijzer is a designer based in Utrecht, the Netherlands, and she makes some dandy stuff, like cushions, tablecloths… and a life-size knitted human male. Yes, you read that correctly – a knitted male person. A boyfriend, actually, one that you can snuggle by day and by night. To illustrate the benefits of the Knitted Boyfriend, Noortje has produced a short film in his honour. Hit play just below to have a watch. Oh, and if you want one for yourself, you’d best start collecting your pennies; Noortje sells them for 1200 Euro a pop. But, as she reminds us on her website, the Knitted Boyfriend does last a lifetime. In theory. We imagine how long he lasts depends on what you do with him in the privacy of your own home. Which we don’t want to know about. Really. God, stop making us picture it.

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