piano. push. play.

Music belongs to us all. Especially after we’ve imbibed a few beverages of the liquor-infused variety, and then the entire Bon Jovi back catalogue is our oyster (so to speak). In Portland, Oregon, a bunch of tune-loving folk totally get this ethos. So much so, in fact, that they’ve taken to rescuing old pianos and putting them out in the streets for all to enjoy. The project, called Piano. Push. Play., not only encourages folks to have a tinker at the instruments, it also turns public spaces into cosy makeshift musical venues. Sweet, huh? Oh, and just because they can, they’ve also transformed the pianos into works of art. Each set of keys has its own personality, and if you’d care to see (or hear) more, simply hit play on the video to your left, or make your way over to the Piano. Push. Play. website.

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