stuff mondays – goosebumps bedding

Bedtime. For many of us, it’s the most exciting part of the day. Diving headlong into (hopefully) fresh sheets, wriggling around till we’re tucked in just right, and squeezing the heck out of a pillow are simple pleasures, but dagnammit, they’re some of the best. If you’re inclined to agree (or know someone who is), you might like to take a moment to cast your eyes over the Goosebumps bedding collection. Including linen that pays tribute to Australian birdlife, Pac-Man and Bubble O’ Bill, you’re almost certain to find some threads for your bed that’ll make your next snoozing session a little extra joyful. Oh, and if you like what you see, why not send us your name and address? We’ve got one $200 voucher to spend on the Goosebumps range up for grabs!

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