frankie christmas wishlist – aimee carruthers

Our superstar designer Aimee has her eye on a few goodies this Christmas, and has seen fit to share them with us all. Have a gander at her pickings just below, and impress your mates with an aesthetically outstanding pressie or two.

aimee wishlist big

Clockwise from top-left:

1. Lounging around during the holidays would be entirely more fun with a couch pimped out with an eclectic mix of cushions.

2. This badge would serve me as sort of a social litmus test. Anyone who also thinks this badge is rad can be my friend.

3. I suspect this bright summery number is secretly bestowed with the power to make every day you wear it a sunny day. I’ll test it out.

4. There’s an intersection of awesome happening in this print: Ellen Ripley and a cat. Perfection.

5. I don’t have my ears pierced, but these lovely things might just convince me.

6. If you can’t tell, I’m ridiculously excited about summer. Bring on the sunshine with this sweet sunflower pin.

7. I must be getting ’70s vibes from our latest cover, because I have been trotting around in flares and blasting disco in my headphones.

8. Nothing makes me happier than holding a mug up to my mug, especially one as beautiful as this.

9. If I ever came across a dusty purple snake, I would probably try and hug it, but that is because I am a New Zealander and not very well versed in snake safety. I will hug these scaly sneakers instead.

10. There’s just something lovely and awesome about a real framed piece of original art.

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