frankie christmas wishlist – sophie kalagas

Sophie is our editor. She is also a purveyor of very delightful things. (As in, ridiculously delightful – it qualifies as a superpower.) To get an idea of just how delightful, have a gander at her Christmas wishlist just below. (Warning: you might have to tell Santa to get a bigger sleigh.)

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Clockwise from top-left:

1. I’ve recently figured out how to keep plants alive for longer than the time it takes to travel from the nursery to my house, and to celebrate this fact, I’ve gone a little house plant crazy. Some colourful blooms would be handy to break up the ever-expanding sea of green, and there’s nothing cheerier for the warmer months than marigolds, nasturtiums and sunflowers.

2. Swimwear shopping is the pits, so if you find a style you like, you have to act fast. DO YOU HEAR THAT, SANTA?? With a high-waisted brief and sweet all-over pattern, I wouldn’t mind finding this Obus two-piece in my stocking.

3. We all carry emotional baggage around with us on a day-to-day basis, and this tote bag from The School of Life lets you do it literally, as well as figuratively. Pretty clever, huh?

4. Another avian knick-knack to brighten up my abode, this time hand-sculpted and painted by local fella Pete Cromer. Each resin bird in his budgerigar range is entirely one-of-a-kind, which makes them pretty darn special indeed.

5. As a hardcore stationery nerd, and someone who gets their kicks from a well-organised room or desk, the online store for Danish brand HAY is essentially my own personal Mecca. The latest subject of my reverence is this nifty Dot tablet case, which feels a bit like a wetsuit, but looks a damn sight cuter.

6. Full disclosure: I already own one of these abstract wooden dolls from Alexander Girard for the Vitra collection. There’s always room for another cranky face or jaunty neckerchief, though. (That’s my official life motto.)

7. Japan is my happy place. Japan holds some of my favourite memories. It also holds some of the world’s cutest things, like pastel pink drivable swan boats. This pin from McKean Studio provides a little taste of Japan when I’m stuck at home dreaming of matcha ice-cream and owl cafes. That’s why I’d quite like to see it under the tree on Christmas day.

8. I’ve never been a big jumpsuit person, because stripping off every time you go to the loo feels like all too much work. For this Kuwaii beauty, however, I am willing to make an exception. It’s soft, floaty, and comfy enough to laze about in all day. Two very enthusiastic thumbs up.

9. If there’s one thing you can never have too much of, it’s mugs. (Related: sipping on tea all day is very tasty and good for the soul.) These lovelies from Melbourne brand RARA Studio are a little bit wonky and a lot nice to look at. Plus, they’re handmade, which adds something charming to the brew-drinking experience.

10. Do I need a vase in the shape of a lorikeet? No. Do I want a vase in the shape of a lorikeet? You’d better believe it. The ceramic menagerie in my home is expanding bit by bit, yet it’s noticeably lacking in feathered friends. This little guy would make a sweet addition.

11. Stranger Things reference? TICK. Cute packaging? TICK. Makes your living room smell like warm, syrupy baked goods? DOUBLE TICK. This candle has all the important points covered.

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